Financial leaders are constantly challenged with achieving increased productivity with minimal resources. Concurrently, top organizations thirst to continually innovate and measure, evaluate and improve results. Such operational optimization often leads to process re-design or transformation; a complex undertaking that Altus Virtus has navigated on many occasion.

Altus Virtus guides clients through this process by assessing their current state operations, envisioning a future goal state operation and developing the gap analysis.

Current State Assessment

This document provides management with an understanding of the present day condition of their finance and accounting organization, with respect to people, processes and technology. The contents are based upon interview and meetings with stakeholders, as well as observations and compilation of data.

Future Goal State

This document describes elements, processes and technologies that are attributed to organization that is built upon best practices. Initially, the first draft is conceptual and forms the basis for the continued development of a final future goal state operation.

Gap Analysis

This document entails the description of the areas that represent a gap between the current state operations and a goal state operation. Additionally, this document will provide guidance on a strategy for mitigating the gaps and transforming the accounts payable department from its current state to a future goal state.