"Core" is an Altus Virtus abbreviated competitive bid process methodology.

Historically, competitive bid processes have proven to be extensive and an increasing strain on human and financial resources. Altus Virtus has developed a methodology, Core, that retains the effectiveness commonly associated with competitive bids, but shortens the life cycle; thereby reducing cost and resource constraints.

Core is a unique and very disciplined proprietary methodology used to take qualified clients through a competitive bid process from initial interest to contract signing within 10 weeks. The typical competitive BPO bid process will vary in length from as short as 12 weeks to as long as 24 weeks, dependent upon various factors. Abbreviating such a sourcing initiative like this, without sacrificing leverage, is accomplished through specific skills and industry relationships.

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In Core, the bid process is adjusted in identified areas.

The primary principle of Core is the execution of certain processes in parallel with one another.

The secondary principles behind Core are the stripping away of redundant and superficial exercises.

The engine of the Core methodology is effective communication with stakeholders, both internally and externally.


Core is not a process that can be used for every type of competitive bid. Additionally, not every business culture is properly suited for using Core.

Typical Process:
Single function initiatives, or multiple function initiatives where there is associated willingness to de-couple the timing of Go-Live, are good candidates.

Typical Business Cultures:
We have also found that organizations that have centralized authority and decision making, high levels of managerial support and low resistance to change are the best candidates for Core.


Because the basic premise of Core is to shorten the competitive bid life cycle, there are several tangible benefits to using this methodology.

Lower Cost:
Fewer financial and human resources would be engaged. This means the hard costs of evaluating potential providers are lowered and the soft costs related to the use of internal stakeholders' time are lowered.

Quicker ROI:
A shortened competitive bid life cycle means that steady state is achieved sooner. resulting in the organization's ability to attain a return on investment sooner.

Moral Victory:
This is not an insignificant benefit, particularly as it relates to change management. Momentum from a successful sourcing project can and will be influential on other corporate initiatives.