Good governance practices are essential to ensuring that the results, as forecasted by the business case, are achieved at the expected level.

Often overlooked is the importance of a wholesome service provider relationship. Altus Virtus will coach clients through effective practices for optimal service provider management. "Best in Class" organizations have moved from dictating supplier

activities to partnering with them. This all begins with the proper establishment, monitoring and maintenance of Service Level Agreements and Statements of Works. Coaching by Altus Virtus will include the provision of educational seminars and workshops for clients.

Performance Reporting

Service Provider performance is measured and reported through various channels. Some of the essential reporting forums that Altus Virtus provides important guidance on include:

  • Service Level Matrices
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Dashboards
  • Operational Committees
  • Steering Committees
Contract Management

The objective of contract management is not to use it as a tool for financial punishment through the implementation and application of onerous penalties, but instead to invoke behavior that will lead to much more substantial benefits for clients - the execution of "Best in Class" operating practices. Altus Virtus can lead clients to proven techniques, practices and technological advances for contract management.