The choice to outsource/offshore is a critical decision with far reaching implications for both internal and external stakeholders.

When it comes to the process of sourcing with the right partner, Altus Virtus provides measureable benefits to clients. We offer full charge services whereby we assume the lead role in the sourcing initiative, as we become the liaison with the potential service providers. Additionally, we offer assisted sourcing

services whereby we provide our various sourcing services on an "as-needed" basis.


Professionals of Altus Virtus are tied closely with the service provider community. This provides our clients with a pool of qualified prospects from which to pull during a competitive bid process. Altus Virtus will:

  • Solicit interest from appropriate bid prospects.
  • Assist in preparation of RFP (or similar document).
  • Coordinate discovery discussions and opportunities with prospects.
  • Ensure alignment of executive ideals for prospects.

Altus Virtus can guide clients in a full scale bid process (e.g. RFP) or Sole Source initiative. Clients can also take advantage of executing a expedited yet effective competitive bid process. Altus Virtus has channeled experience in industry to develop and refine its proprietary Bid & Evaluation process - "Core".


There are definite keys to obtaining mutually beneficial master service agreements with service providers. Not understanding these elements can lead to agreements that create friction and discontent in the long term. Altus Virtus has professionals with expertise in the key contracting aspects including:

  • Market Terms - Our continuing professional experiences help clients to recognize what terms and conditions are currently being executed in the marketplace. This is quite advantageous to clients during contract negotiations.
  • Provider Cultural Tendencies - Altus Virtus competences include cross-border negotiations and cultural sensitivity. Ignoring the potential impact of cultural differences can be costly; however acknowledging the cultural tendencies of suppliers will set the stage for solid and long term service provider relations.