Internal assessments are the initial steps to embarking upon a sourcing initiative. Our Assessments will help you better understand the key drivers and operating deficiencies of your business.

At the invitation of a client, Altus Virtus will conduct a comprehensive business assessment to provide management with the essentials needed to make informed decisions concerning outsourcing, in sourcing and shared service options.

Additionally, we provide client organizations with a report of internal readiness for change. Upon completion of an Assessment, we will present the results of our findings and recommendations for next steps.

Current State Analysis

The current state analysis is a part of our operational assessment. Altus Virtus will analyze in-scope aspects of your business and compare them to industry standards and "Best in Class" matrices. Some of the deliverables of this Current State Analysis include:

  • Organizational Structure
  • Industry Standards
  • Process Maps
  • Change Readiness
Business Case

The business case provides management with quantifiable evidence for the decision making process. Based on our years of experience, and depth of expertise, Altus Virtus can assist clients in preparing an indicative business case for moving forward.

Results Summary

The Results Summary will incorporate the findings of the Current State Analysis, an indicative Business Case and our strategic recommendations for business transformation:

  • Outsourcing / Off-shoring
  • In-Sourcing (Internal Optimization)
  • Shared Services
  • Captives (Wholly owned & Collaborative)