Clients of Altus Virtus gain immeasurable value from our Assessment methodology.

Together our strict protocol for data gathering combined the with the application our "Tried & True" intellectual property provide decision makers with critical information. An Altus Virtus Assessment focuses on three core elements; People, Process and Prospects. The examination of these elements lead to educated decisions concerning any of the following prospects:

  • Internal Transformation
  • Shared Services Center
  • Captive Center
  • Outsource - Offshore or Onshore/Near shore


This is commonly recognized as the "meat and potatoes" of an assessment. Altus Virtus analyzes the current state environment the objective of providing client leadership with a high definition picture of their process and an indicative summation of how their current state compares with an optimized future state model. In this element, Altus Virtus evaluates the following:

  • Process Maps
  • Process Documentation
  • Process Controls (optional)
  • Process Cost (TCO)

Despite the fact that people are a high risk point, this is frequently the element most frequently overestimated. This will not be the case with Altus Virtus. Our advisors gather data on all in-scope personnel, including level of expertise, elasticity and influence..


The third piece of pie needed for making a transformational change is the organizations prospects for business continuity before during and after transformation.

  • Understanding organizational structure - Centralized/Decentralized
  • Understanding IT infrastructure and capabilities
  • Understanding impact to 3rd Parties - Regulatory agencies, Labor Unions and Data Securities matters.