PIPES is an acronym for Provider Interface Proposal Execution System. It is a panoptic and interactive web portal designed by Altus Virtus LLC for efficiencies and advancements in the request and evaluation of proposals and other Requirement documents for Business Process Outsourcing or Information technology Outsourcing. Through the use of this tool, advisors, service providers and clients gain secured access, in a highly cost effective manner, to the use electronic medium and intellectual

properties that initiate, execute and evaluate RFI's, RFP's and Sole Source Requirements Proposals.

The key components of PIPES include:
Electronic publication of RFI's, RFP's and Sole Source Requirements Request

Client organizations publish request for requirements through PIPES and invited service providers can view, print, save and respond to such request

Electronic submission of provider questions

Service Providers confidentially and securely submit questions to the client organization to help in preparation of a proposal

Mechanical organization of provider questions and enablement of electronic answering

PIPES organizes the questions and forwards them to the client organization SME based on relevance and applicability. Answers are electronically forwarded to provider(s)

Electronic submission of provider responses and proposals

Service Providers electronically respond to the requirements request and submit proposals through PIPES, with the ability to submit attachments

Mechanical organization of provider responses for evaluation

PIPES organizes service provider responses into a comparative style format that highlights the distinguishing aspects of each response

Electronic provider feedback

At the conclusion of the Requirements evaluation exercise, service providers complete an electronic survey to assess and critique the process, advisor and client organization

Key Benefits to Client Organizations
Confidential Communication:

Because PIPES is accessed via a secured web portal, client organizations are better positioned to maintain the confidentiality that might otherwise be compromised by using internal email for executing a sourcing initiative

Comprehensive Methodology:

With the assistance of experienced advisors, Client organizations will be able to customize Requirements request documents. PIPES maintains up-to-date templates that cover all critical aspects of RFI's, RFP's or other Requirement Documentations.

Efficient Evaluation:

The inner workings of PIPES will organizes Service Provider responses into a comparative style format with annotation of market positions (when available). For Client organization this adds expediency and ease to response evaluation.