A smooth and seamless handoff is the expectation of every transition, but without the qualified resources and effective communication, success will be restricted.

There are often several challenges associated with the initial transition of business process transactions. These challenges can potentially delay the effectiveness of outsourcing and inhibit the optimal rate of return expected from outsourcing. Altus Virtus can build an environment and process that will be

conducive to seamless transitions. We subscribe to the theory that transition planning is not a necessary evil, but instead an accelerating springboard for achieving perpetual steady state operations.

Project Management

A Project Management Officer (PMO) is tasked with the implementation, integration and coordination of multiple functions for a unified goal. Altus Virtus can lead or assist in the following areas:

  • Project Planning
  • Project Communication
  • Problem Resolution
Risk/Change Management

There are several differing opinions on counterbalancing the challenges of change. Altus Virtus employs a methodology which prevails as achieving the highest degree of success. It is imperative to the long term success of the company's BPO project that the transition is as seamless as logistically possible. The skillful development of a Change Management Plan and experienced execution will greatly reduce business disruptions and ultimately thwart employee friction.